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Infinity Odor Shield was created out of the drive and determination to develop a turn key environmental product specializing in odor elimination and protection.

The science behind our product eliminates Odor on contact and inhibits the growth of microbial causes such as mold, mildew and algae.

We are committed to eliminating these issues, as well as, protecting your families in the health and safety of your home, workplace, and our communities.

“Our Company Has Created The Formula To Change The Way Our World Interprets Odor.

Infinity is Protection for Life™

As your dedicated operations partner, our expertise extends to the industrial areas of Medical, Healthcare, Solid Waste, Hospitality, Transportation, Commercial, Residential, Marine, & Aviation. Incorporating the highest levels of knowledge, products and service.

Encompassing the level of commitment to excellence within our organization, provides the leadership skill and ability, demanded by you.

A task we preform at a perfectionists level.

Infinity promotes a healthier environment, which increases profitability, eliminating loss, thus saving you money!

Infinity is designed to keep our Planet in the light which we received it. We believe we must teach the generations that follow, what was learned from our generations that have passed.

We are the first Hyper Green® manufacturer which will keep the air you breathe, to the surfaces you touch, protected, providing healthier solutions for you, your family and the communities we live and work in.

Our Product line, is “Infinity.” Once you have the opportunity to use Infinity, your understanding will be totally enlightened! Infinity will continue perfecting formulas which remove the biological footprint on surfaces which will keep you, as well as, our family’s safe for Infinity and Beyond!