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  • Single Big Blast® by Infinity® 8oz Spray Bottle


    Sold as a Single.

    The INFINITY'S BIG BLAST™ is the first  to introduce its proprietary, patent pending, Hyper Green® formula. Infinity is safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The BIG BLAST™ is Hyper Green® and our formula doesn't allow Infinity to re-enter our environment. Safe for adults, children and pets. As INFINITY reaches your surface, it creates a barrier of protection which is highly effective. Infinity has a safety profile that is unequaled. Infinity creates a permanent bond to the surface. The newly formed surface has a clean base layer which continues to eliminate odor and makes removal of dirt, grime and other microorganisms, as easy as wiping up with water. Once on the surface, Infinity inhibits the growth of non-public health microorganisms, staining and discoloring from mold, mildew. Works 24/7. Infinity is water based and safe to use. Infinity eliminates smoke on contact. 100% guaranteed. Longest Lasting on the market. Being water based, Infinity works on textiles or any porous or non-porous surfaces.  

    EFFECTIVE ON THESE ODORS​: Smoke, Garlic, Sulfur, Alcohol, Diapers, Onion, Fish, Pet Odors, Protein Spills, Garbage, Rotten Eggs, Sour Milk, Pet Urine, Pet Feces, Litter Boxes, Trash Cans, All Shoes, Mildew, Mold Odor, Ammonia, Putrid, Pungent, Human Scent, Musty. 

    FRAGRANCES AVAILABLE: Rose Petal and Ocean Breeze

    Directions: Spray textile or surface, until slightly damp, let dry. Can be sprayed in the air. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use internally or on food. Avoid contact with eyes. Will not stain. Infinity is a proprietary inert blended formula. (Pat. Pending) 100% money back guarantee.