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Infinity Pro Fun Pack

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The INFINITY PRO Fun Pack contains (4) four spray bottles. (1) One 25oz, (1) One 8oz, (2) 1.67 Blast bottles. You pick the scent! Infinity is the first to introduce its proprietary, patent-pending, Hyper Green® formula. Infinity is safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic with a pH balance of 7.0 Infinity PRO™ is Hyper Green® this means Infinity Pro™ will not re-enter our environment. Safe for adults, children, and pets. As INFINITY PRO™ reaches your surface, it creates a barrier of protection which is highly effective. Infinity Pro™ creates a permanent bond with the surface unlike any other product on the market. Once on the surface, Infinity eliminates odor, smoke & inhibits the growth of non-public health microorganisms, Infinity is water-based and safe to use. Infinity eliminates pests from loitering around treated areas with a zero mortality rate. 100% guaranteed. Say goodbye to flies, bees, nuances garbage picking birds, and rodents. Spray the base of any birdfeeder or tree and squirrels will never steal their food again.